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IMPORTANT : August 10, 2011. Due to high demand, the most popular units of Summit beer frosters will be sent approximately 2 weeks from date of order. Call us if you have questions, 704-288-0953


Your Beer Froster will be sent to you directly from our warehouses located in New York. Only our offices and creative department are located in North Carolina.


It is the customer's responsibility (you) to place their order in a timely fashion. We do not give returns for orders that do not "get there in time". If you have a social function you are purchasing a beer froster for (your daughter's wedding), allow time for processing (2 business days), time in transit (see below, but we require a minimum 10 business days), set up on your end (varies) and for the beer to actually get cold (not long!).


In actual practice, however, it takes lot less time than this.


shipping time map






















The smallest of the beer frosters, the FS22 series will be shipped via FedEx ground and will be close to the times above. All other beer frosters are sent via regular freight, but the map above is still a good approximation.


We do not use customer's shipping accounts under any circumstances.


For those beer frosters sent via freight, you will receive a phone call from the trucking company to set up a delivery time that is good for you and them. Signatures are mandatory, and your shipment will never be left at a location without one.


Shipping damage MUST be reported within 24 hours, after this time the delivery has been accepted and shipping insurance has expired.


Questions? Call us toll-free at 1-866-423-4055.


Orders for Alaska, Hawaii and US Territories, call for a quote



Summit: does not allow returns. These units are custom built at the time of order and are not returnable.


Fogel: does not allow returns. Fogel also does not honor its warranty for their own beer frosters purchased for home use.