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Why would I want to buy a beer froster? For the same reason you would want to drink a beer from one, because it is the absolutley coldests beer you can get. And you may have friends you might occasionally want to have a beer with. Even if you cannot afford a beer froster, most beer drinkers would agree that if given given a choice on a hot day between a lukewarm beer and a super cold beer, the long line is in front of the beer froster.


Everyone knows that beer's flavor is better warm. Everyone only thinks they know that. While not a question, it is common knowledge that we hear often. Like all common knowledge, it is more common than knowledge.


During WWII refrigeration and electricity were sporadic at best. Our GIs stationed overseas were told of the benefits of having their beer warm, when in fact the preceeding european generations themselves served beer as cold as they could get it. Even their craft beers, even their heavy beers like porters and stouts. It just tastes and feels better.


Cold beer is as much a sensation as it is a flavor. Your tongue does not loose that much sensitivity over cold foods. If this were so, ice cream would be flavorless. Educated beer lovers can loosen their collective ties and enjoy their beers warm and cold without concern of judgement by their beer-expert friends.


Only American beer is better cold, so why use an expensive beer froster to chill cheap beer? Even American beer is not so cheap anymore, but we digress. If your concern is cheap, a beer froster is likely not for you. If your conern is for the best, you are likely to some day be the owner of a beer froster.


Why can't I use my dorm fridge / old refrigerator / ice / etc? You can find a number of ways to get beer cold, but there is nothing like a beer froster... and you can't cobble anything together from odd parts to work like one.


For example, the Summit beer froster thermostats are coupled with a special probe encased in a glycol ampule. This provides just enough thermal mass, which is highly necessary.


Lets say you are using a freezer with a regular thermostat. You put your beer in about a half hour ago, and the beer inside is now chilled to just about freezing at 24 degrees. If you are using a freezer, everytime you open the door, you let out cold air. The thermostat senses the warmer air, and starts pumping in colder air, say 10 degrees. But wait, isn't the 24 degree beer now being hit by a 10 degree blast of cold air? Yes and no. It's no longer 24 degree beer, it is 22 degree beer, and it is now frozen.


The Summit beer froster probe on the other hand will not trigger the refrigrator until the glycol warms. By then, the beer will have come up a degree or two to match the air. It can all then be properly chilled down to just above freezig again. This is just one of many design features that come with this specialty appliance.


What is the wait time? Demand has been high, as you might expect. We publish production notices on any item we feel may be subject to a shipping delay. We are working to get ahead of things, but it is a good idea to call in advance (704-288-0953) and we would be happy to check on production at that moment.