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TAVERNS, BARS, RESTAURANTS, PUBS : We can send you beer frosters for one or multiple locations. If you have several locations, but do not have a large enough order for a trailer load, accept the order at one location and distribute your new beer frosters from there. This will reduce your shipping costs from full price to some fraction, depending upon what you order and how many.


Price will vary, but we will get the best price and shipping combination for you. Call us at 704-288-0953 for a quote.


CHAIN STORES, GROCERS, AND BULK ORDERS : We carry a large inventory of beer frosters! However, if you have a bulk order, you can gather substantial savings with a larger quantity by having us make it at our offshore factory and having it sent to you from there. It takes a longer, but your patience will be rewarded with great savings!


In addition to substantial savings, we can also have your company's custom graphics applied to the beer frosters in advance of shipment. The units will be sent by cargo ship and the average time in transit is 4 months. Be aware that this is an awakening market, and production times may vary with demand.


TERMS : We require a down payment with all orders, but offer net 30 on balances. Application for credit with signature will be required.


INTERNATIONAL : While we do not ship directly outside the USA, we can arrange shipment to the forwarding agent of your choice. All beer frosters sent internationally are not covered under our warranty as we cannot fly a repair person overseas to enact repairs. Be sure that your electrical system is capable of powering these units in your country.


All international orders, regardless of quantity, are to be paid in advance in full by a nonreversible method such as cashier's check or wire transfer. There will be no variance nor exceptions, but at least you can arrange to purchase one or many.


Canada : Canadian customers can arrange to have their beer froster delivered close to the border and transport the units on their own. International payment requirements outlined above will still apply, no credit cards or checks and there is no warranty in effect.