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ice cold beerOur company, Genius Goods Inc, has been offering unique and hard-to-find items since 2003.


We were among the very first to bring countertop dishwashers to the USA. See CountertopDishwasher.Com


Our compact kitchen store is among the few to offer a kitchen-in-a-box that can have you up and cooking in a new kitchen in as little as an hour. See PrestaKitchen.Com


We were among the first few to recognize the potential in making a portable air conditioner. See PortableAirConditioner.US


We offer miniaturized clothes washers and dryers at our mini washer store. See MiniWasher.Com


We have clothed thousands in great hawaiian shirts and pretty sundresses. See Hawaiian-Shirt.Net and Sundresses.Net


And now we put our resources and efforts into our line of beer frosters! See BeerFroster.Com

Who is Summit?
Summit Appliance is the manufacturer/importer of one of our lines. Summit had its start in manufacturing commercial refrigeration units, for example the coolers and refrigerators in your local convenience stores may be from Summit. Summit manufactures to even higher standards than most other appliance companies, they make scientific and medical grade refrigeration units, which must operate within exacting parameters.


Their line of beer frosters are a modified version of these medical/scientific units.


Who is Fogel?
Fogel is the original. They first penetrated the market in hot climate areas such as South and Central America where their beer frosters are everywhere. There, you will find no debates about warm-vs-cold beer, all beer is cold, and the colder the better.


Fogel is relatively unknown here, but with its extensive experience in product development along with a considerable manufacturing ability, they will be a major player in this market for many years to come