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what is a beer froster?

A Beer froster is a specially-designed refrigerator (well, technically a freezer)
that holds beer at 24 degrees... the absolute coldest temperature a beer can get without freezing!

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First came wine refrigerators for the oenophiles, a way to properly store, age, present and serve wines in a way that does not damage wine. Now comes the beer froster for beer lovers, an appliance for home or business that serves beer in the way that it was meant to be served. As cold as it can get!

ice cold beer

A beer chilled in your beer froster is so cold that the moisture that condenses on it from the air will flash-freeze. It will literally fall out of the air as frost. When you open the beer to drink, a small amount of water may flash-freeze on the surface, extending the coldness. This should re-melt when consumed or decanted.

what is not a beer froster
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  • A beer froster is not a beer cooler. A beer cooler is a plastic or styrofoam box into which you put ice and beer. Great for camping and trips!
  • A beer froster is not a kegerator or beer fridge, which are simple refrigerators. Kegerators are merely regular refrigerators modified with an external keg tap which accept a keg or half keg.
  • A beer froster is not a freezer. While it does get beer below 32°, its thermostat is far more exact and herein lies the key. It has precise control over a large amount of cooling power. It has to be precise to keep beer this cold!!


aluminium bottlesThe coldest beer is going to be in an aluminum bottle. Due to its shape and composition, it will accept the lowest temperatures. You should adjust your beer froster's thermostat to at least 26 degrees for regular bottled or canned beers.

The best beers to use in your beer froster are those that are meant to be served cold. These would be American pilsners, most ales, Mexican style beers and many others. There is nothing better than a refreshing supercold mexbeer and lime in a frosted glass on a hot summer's afternoon!